In the Media

Did you see us in the news? It’s definitely true that a good property manager can make life easier for an investor and we have a checklist of what yours should be doing for you!

Firstly, promoting and advertising the property for lease is crucial. You want to be showing off your properties’ best features and displaying them on the right platform at the right time.

Next, a property manager should work hard to get properties rented to the best tenants quickly. By negotiating the best rental rate they can for their clients and carrying out inspections, it is important for a property manager to always take a proactive approach.

We believe that to minimise stress associated with property investment, property managers should be easily approachable and super-efficient with all tasks and instructions. To find out more about what separates a good property manager from a poor one, check out our article on ‘6 things your property manager should be doing for you’ here on Smart Property Investment.